June Kaililani Tanoue is a Kumu Hula, a master teacher of the Hula. She studied with Kumu Hula Michael Pang on the Big Island of Hawaii. She also studied la’au lapa’au, Hawaiian spiritual healing with herbs, with Henry Auwae. She has an MPH, Master of Public Health in Nutrition, from the University of Hawaii, Manoa.  She is also a Reiki Master.

As well as teaching hula classes at the Zen Community of Chicago, Kaililani also teaches hula in New York City. Her hula school is called “Halau i Ka Pono” (hah-la-oo ee kah poe-no).  Halau means “meeting house” and i Ka Pono means “of goodness, righteousness.”  Its purpose is to teach indigenous Hawaiian culture and stories through the joy of dance.

June is also an ordained Zen Priest in the White Plum lineage.  Her dharma name is Ryushin (ree-you-shin).

Contact: kaili@zencommunity.org, 708-445-1651


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