Posted by: jtanoue | January 1, 2010

Hawaiian language classes with Manuwai Peters

I’m happy to announce that Manuwai Peters will be teaching Hawaiian classes once a week beginning Thursday, January 28th for twelve weeks.  The class is from 7 – 9 pm and will be mostly taught long distance via I-Link so you will need to have a camera attached or part of your computer.  This means that you can study Hawaiian in the comfort of your own home.

Manuwai is from Molokai and now in New York City currently getting his masters at Columbia University.  This is a wonderful opportunity especially for people interested in the hula and things Hawaiian.  There are several of my New York City students who are finishing up Manuwai’s course and are seeing it very helpful in their study of the Hula.

I hope you will jump at this opportunity to learn Hawaiian and sign up immediately!  I am!  Manuwai intends to come to Chicago a few times to also teach in person.

Please RSVP to Manuwai ( of your interest at your earliest opportunity!


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